About Us

Welcome to FlashLight Marketing

We have been working in the digital space for over 20 years ... and we have seen a lot of things change in that time.

If you want to get found on the internet, then you need to know how to attract the RIGHT audience and WHERE to attract them, You need to meet them where they are hanging out right now. 

Flashlight marketing Agency will shine the light on both those place for you and YOUR business

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team that is here to get you the BEST ROI possible for your marketing dollars

Our Mission

We strive to keep you informed on the results that we are continually getting for your business

What We Do

We get you new leads and sales... that simple!

Our History

We have been fascinated with the online world ever since the inception of the internet. As the world evolved, w really got connect when the world of web 2.0 came along... facebook, youtube, Linkedin Twitter. Thes platforms bought a whole new meaning to the word marketing.

We have just about done everything that you could possibly have done on the web... podcasts website design, social media, e-commerce, magazines, chatbots, amazon, PPC, and even google local listings.

It has been a mega ride and one that we have thoroughly enjoyed. The biggest challenge we see is for the small to medium business owner who is trying desperately hard to run their business AND keep up with what is going on in the marketing world.

That is what drives us: to make sure that the business owner has someone in their corner and on their team every step of the way.

Our 6-d Process


We peel back the layers to find out what YOU really need..we are not going to sell you on a shiny object that is useless


We then get really clear on what it is that we are delivering to you so you fully understand what is needed


Every one of our clients has a strategy designed for their individual situation and you will be no different.


Once the strategy is designed, then we develop the system to repeatedly run in place so you can see the results 


We are consistently deploying the latest new techniques and staying abreast of the constantly changing landscape of digital media


We get excited by this piece... delivering the results to you on time everytime


Projects Completed



Happy Clients



Websites built



Live presentations


Would You Like To Start A Project With Us?

Call us today and let's discuss what you need. If it's not a fit, we will tell you and we can move on. In any case, we will do our best to steer you in the right direction and we won't leave you hanging..that's our promise