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Why Online Reviews are CRUCIAL to your Business

It is easy to assume the importance of customer reviews, but nothing highlights more than decisive data about how reviews are used and how they impact business. Statistics analyse how customers behave before and after using services or buying products, which can help develop plans to improve business.

Who Is Reading Online Reviews?

Statistics show that the majority of all online shoppers use reviews to determine what products to buy and which services to purchase. Customers read an average of seven reviews before trusting a business!
And more than 90% of all customers using online reviews as part of their research at the local and national level.

Multiple studies and surveys have shown the power of customer reviews. Data shows that almost all potential new patients, clients, and shoppers use reviews as a primary factor in determining where to take their business

Brightlocal did a survey with some telling results

  • 57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars
  • 80% of 18-34-year-olds have written online reviews – compared to just 41% of consumers over 55
  • 91% of 18-34-year-old consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

The 7 reasons why customer reviews are important!

1) Better Understand your Customers & Improve Customer Service
2) Credibility & Social Proof will drive purchases
3. They Make You Look Trustworthy

4) Allow Consumers to Have a Voice and Create Customer Loyalty
5) Improve Rankings
6)They are essential to decision making
7) Reviews Generate More Reviews

The way you market your brand is important, but having people talk about you is a great way to enhance your message.
By encouraging positive conversations about your brand, you can quickly and clearly improve your marketing efforts.

Getting more Online Reviews

Online customer reviews appear to be a great avenue for grabbing consumers’ attention and increasing sales.

Their significance is tremendous as they are important to a vast majority of consumers and they are also responsible for securing your online visibility in search rankings.

Furthermore, as they increase in importance and more competitors are encouraging customer reviews, your involvement is only going to become even more necessary.

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