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What are Chatbots and why are they so useful to online businesses?

In short, they're computer programs which enable the automation of certain tasks through having a chat with others through a web-based interface like Facebook Messenger.

In the future, chatbots will be more popular than telephones. Their versatility, speed and intelligence will become the norm for business communication. It's possible that they could become so advanced that they will even be able to predict a customer's next move and then follow their actions. A lot of chat bots are using AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance their intelligence. AI is being used for everything from self-driving cars to computer chess.

Why are Chat Bots important for businesses?

Now, when we’re talking about chatbots, I’m going to be talking specifically about Facebook chatbots and their messenger marketing services.

Well, if you’re a business owner and you’re thinking, “How do I even use chatbots, or should I even bother thinking about it?” Then the answer is yes, definitely because we’ve been able to help clients in all sorts of industries.

Chatbots have worked very well for the following Industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Service Businesses ( Plumbers, Electricians, Hairdressers)
  • Coaches
  • Financial Planners
  • Realtors
  • Churches
  • Chiropractors
  • Retail Businesses
  • Ecommerce
    the list goes on.

What can a Chatbot Do?

If you have a need to connect with a potential or current customer, then a chatbot can work for you too!

Even some of the world’s biggest sporting clubs are using them…

The chatbots that we build are all based off facebook messenger. We like using the messenger platform because most of your customers are already on facebook and have an account with facebook.
Our chatbots can provide you with a wealth of useful data about your existing customers.

The great thing about the chatbots that we build, is that they are tailored to suit your individual business needs. Sure you might be in an industry that has many business competing for the same consumer, but your specific business is unique. We custom build these bots to reflect your voice and your personality.

What type of bots have we created?

Our previous chatbots have done tasks like automatically add people to a database after you meet them at a function , conference or networking group. Or let's say you run a booth at an expo, and you want to collect the information from the visitors to your booth, we have a bot that can do that.
What about combining some other powerful marketing methods like facebook ads and a bot to promote a giveaway or a discount coupon. The bots we build for this are super powerful and collect an amazing amount of data.

Why try one of these bots out for your self?

Chat bots are truly the wave of the future for businesses of all kinds, and for good reason! Don't delay - Contact us and let us show you the power of having a chatbot for your local business.

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