Facebook Insights - Video Metrics and Analytics

Facebook Insights – Video Metrics and Analytics


This is our Third video on Facebook insights.  In our first video, we covered an overview of what Facebook insights are and how to navigate them. You can see the post here.

In the second video, we took a look at how effective your Facebook Posts are. You can read that post here

Facebook Insights – Video Metrics and Analytics

This article is all about the Insights on Facebook,  and in particular, Facebook Insights – Video Metrics and Analytics. So to find this particular tab on the left-hand side, you’ll see the “video” tab near the bottom of the menu ( See red arrow below).

Facebook Insights - Video Metrics and Analytics

And when you click on that, you will get taken to the home page of the video metrics page.

This set of data will give you the last seven days by default. But if you want to go and change that, of course you can click on the dropdown and you can see that you can pick your corresponding dates. You can pick anything starting from today, all the way back, and you can have custom-built or custom data for your report.

Custome Data video metrics for facebook

Now I’d like to go and just do a month right now, just to show you what this looks like. And what it’s going to tell you in the first place is whether you have the ability or your eligibility to actually have In-Stream Ads for your videos.

1-Minute Views of 3-minute Videos

Now, this question comes up a fair bit for customers, because they want to be able to make money from their videos by putting ads on them.  There are three major standards that you need to suffice for Facebook in order for them to consider your videos are eligible to run ads.

Do you have 10,000 followers?

Firstly, you need to have 10,000 followers. Now this page we are looking at has 2,200 followers, so it’s only 22% of the way there. Now, as you can see, it says, “This page needs to have a minimum of 10,000 followers before you can be eligible for in-stream ads.”

1-Minute Views of 3-minute Videos

You also have to have in the last 60 days, now this is important because if you don’t get this, they’re not likely to give you any chance of making money with ads through your videos. But in the last 60 days, you need to have 30,000 1-minute views of videos that are at least three minutes long, that is the key. Facebook has a very good understanding of their metrics and they know that three-minute videos are the sweet spot for them. So take this as a tip from Facebook….they want you to be doing videos of at least 3 minutes long.

So you need to have 30,000 minutes of views, basically, that are on your three-minute videos or longer in order for you to qualify.

Partner Monetization Policies

You also have to meet the standards of the Partner Monetization Policies. You can read that and look at that and see what that means. That’s relatively easy for most pages to get.

Your Page currently meets these standards. Continue publishing content that your Page has the rights to share, and continue to share that content in an authentic way. It’s important to stay familiar with the Partner Monetization Policies so you maintain eligibility.

Country Availability

And then the final piece is you’ve got to have ads that are available in your country. So if you are in the U.S. then most of the time you’ll have a green check mark. Enough about the In-Stream Ads… most small businesses that I have worked with do not qualify for them, so it’s not the end of the world if you do not.

Now we have that out of the way, what I really want to show you today is the information that Facebook collects about the data and the watch times on your videos.


Facebook Insights – Video Metrics and Analytics

Facebook Insights - Video Metrics and Analytics

So up in the gray box on the left of the above image, we see that in the last 28 days from December 3rd to December 30, 279 minutes were viewed, and it gives you a breakdown from the previous 28 days. So you can see how you’re tracking for a month on month or period versus period basis.

As you look down on the actual graph, you can hover your mouse over the numbers ( or the gradient lines) on the graph and as you scroll along either left or right, you’re going to see in the dark line, how many minutes viewed each day, and also versus the previous period.

If you place your cursor over the date, you can see that on December 6th, there was 24 minutes viewed, but in the same period previously,( the lighter blue line)  there were 150 minutes viewed. So you can see that you may, in this case, may have dropped the ball on creating videos. Maybe you created a great video that in the previous period got lost of engagement and traction, and you did not replicate it this period.

If I click on the three-second videos, it gives me a scope of how many people watch three seconds of your videos or more.

Partner Monetization Policies

By looking at the graph above, you can also see how that metric has dropped in the previous period as well.

Paid Video Traffic v Organic Video traffic

If you click on the breakdown button ( top right of the graph), you can actually do a breakdown of organic traffic versus paid traffic.

Paid Video Traffic v Organic Video traffic

In this case here, there were no paid video views, so it’s a straight green line, but if you were paying for some video views, this is where you would see the result here as well.

If I scroll down a little further, it’s going to give you also a breakdown of your highest performing videos by three seconds.

Highest Performing Videos

Highest Performing Videos

Now, in this case here, we’ve got the three minutes metric checked, but if you wanted to go and change that and make it by the 3-seconds viewed, you click on the “3-seconds viewed” at the top of the graph and then scroll down and you’re going to see it is now changed to “3-seconds viewed.”

So you can look at your videos and you can see that this top video here in the image above had a total of 69 minutes and it had 195, three-second views.

The second video here had 38 minutes so viewed and so on.

What do these particular metrics mean if this was your business?

Personally, if I was running this business, I’d be a little bit concerned because the amount of effort you put to create a video is not a small amount. Look at the length of most of these videos… The top video is 33 seconds, it’s not very long. There is one here that is 2:20, but what we’re achieving is only 34 minutes of views.

So it’s not a lot of views for that. I mean, it’s basically 16, 17 people watching this video to completion, that’s it.

So if they’re putting a lot of time and effort into creating a video and they’re not getting any results, they may want to reconsider their strategy.

I just wanted to show you that you can go and look at your Insights and notice if Video is working for you.

Are you creating video and are you looking at your metrics? It might be wise to start looking at how you are performing.


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