How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?

How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?

What is a Nextdoor App?

Nextdoor app is a social platform that allows people to interact or connect with their neighbors. How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App? Like other social media platforms, you can quickly initiate communications with your neighbors about crucial matters within the community.

However, you may wonder how to get your business running using the Nextdoor app. Currently, many companies are using its excellent features to advertise their services and products. Therefore, this app can function in almost any business or industry.

A few factors that make this app suitable for businesses apart from connecting it with your neighborhood include:

Trust and reliability: Nextdoor app involve actual people with unique identities. It doesn’t have bots or exposes your company to public access. The information it provides can only be shared and seen by the registered businesses, similar to how it works with the surrounding neighborhoods.

Usefulness: Any local business such as sales, events, home services can apply and function with the app’s features.

Localized: The app features a map-based user interface, which provides discrete neighborhood limitations. This attribute ensures it shows only the information related to local businesses or neighborhood connections.

Statistics about the Growth of the App in the USA

Since the Nextdoor app capitalizes on both the local businesses and neighborhood, statistics indicate the app gained significant growth, especially during the initial coronavirus stages.

For instance, many communities and businesses collaborated and supported each other using the app following the COVID-19 pandemic impact last year.

Additional facts from this app show that over 25 percent of each conversation focuses on sharing local business recommendations.

According to a survey conducted in May 2020, 72 percent of its users said the app devoted them to support local businesses than ever before.

The Nextdoor app website shows that one in five homes are active users. Also, over ten global countries with over 250,000 neighborhoods apart from America use it. More figures show that:

  • 50 Million neighbors recommend it for business.
  • About 67 percent of users share business recommendations using it.
  • Eighty-eight percent of members use it at least once each week for local business shopping.

All these figures indicate its usefulness, meaning you can also experience its benefits when adding it to your business.

How to Get Started with Your Business on the Nextdoor App?

Many businesses have several reasons why they use this app, which include:

  • Advertising for local deals
  • Sharing special offers
  • Engaging with the community
  • And determining local business reputation, etc.

To use it, you need to claim your business page on the app. Any business or a person providing a particular service or product can use its easy business page creation process for registration.

Two steps required to join the Nextdoor app as a business include claiming and verifying your business page.

Step One: Claiming a Nextdoor App Business Page

You can only claim a business page if you are the owner, worker, or official business representative using the following steps. We assume you have already signed up with the app’s account before claiming a business page. If you have not already done so, you will need to register an account first.

  1. On your browser, visit https://nextdoor.com/create-business or download the app from the play store. Alternatively, you can visit https://business.nextdoor.com/en-us/local
  2. Next, click ‘Claim Your Free Business Page.’ You can also click the ‘sign up free’ button from the top right corner.How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?
  3. Since you are setting up your established business, skip the ‘neighbor for hire’ section and choose ‘professional business’ This section has several services to select according to your business preference.How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?
  4. On the next page, confirm your email address. In case you need to share your business login information with your employees as a business owner, you can sign up with a new email.

You can authorize your employees to access the account with the new email on the app rather than using and sharing your email account with your business.

Connecting your email address with a business account is only suitable if you are the sole-business trader. It is an excellent option since you can switch between the two accounts without logging out.

  1. Once you confirm your email, proceed to the next section asking you about your business’s name.
  2. Fill in your business name and address, assuming you had registered your account before, then click ‘Search.’How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?
  3. The search results will display your business page. If the app displays a business similar to the typed information and nobody has claimed it, you can claim it through registration. In this case, click ‘Create a new business page with this name.
  4. Next, confirm your address and click ” Fill in your email, and phone, or website, which are both optional.
  5. Choose a category that matches your business, and then click ‘Create a new business page.How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?
  6. Well done! You have completed setting up your Nextdoor app business account.

On the main/dashboard page, you can complete entering your business profile such as logo, cover photo, including updating all your information.

How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?


Also, you can now accomplish various activities with the Nextdoor app, such as managing your business page, creating local deals, viewing your recommendations, and signing up for neighborhood sponsorship.

Step 2: Verifying your Business Page

Verifying your business allows you to send messages to the neighboring newsfeed from your business page.

Your business phone call and a text message are the easiest ways to verify your business with the app.

How Do I Get My Business on the Nextdoor App?


Once you choose your business from the search results, click ‘Text’ or ‘Call.’ You will immediately receive a verification code to fill on your business page. You can also select ‘Skip this step’ to complete the verification process later from your business account settings.

In case you encounter challenges verifying your business with a call or text, you must submit relevant documents to the Nextdoor app support team for further assistance. Ensure only your business name is visible while obscuring personal information.

Acceptable verifying documents include:

  • A government permit and business license
  • VAT or business tax registration certificate
  • Business credit report or bank account statements, with an obscured account number
  • Official tax notices and EIN confirmation letter from the IRS for American residents only


Getting your business on the Nextdoor app is a straightforward process. Once you complete all the above setups and familiarize yourself with the app, you can use it for advertising or promoting your business for more leads. Ensure you get local recommendations for your business to appear in the searches too.