Is Instagram right for my business

Is Instagram Right For My Business

Is Instagram right for my business?

Currently, many businesses use social media marketing to create sales, conversions, revenues, and growth.

Many social media networks have emerged in recent years, and new platforms’ development doesn’t seem to stop anytime. One popular platform that has received a tremendous growth rate among users after its release is Instagram. This post will help you understand whether it is suitable for your business.

What is Instagram?


What is Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share visual photos and videos using their mobile apps. People and brands use it to capture images and videos, then edit and publish them to their followers to get interactions. 

Initially, the platform started as a basic account for individual users. However, in 2016 it introduced business profiles to allow companies and brands to advertise their services too. Since it launched, Instagram has excelled in linking friends, brands, superstars, influencers, and families together.


Statistics show Instagram had over 1 billion users by the end of 2020, with over 500 million daily users. With the rapid growth of users registering each day, these numbers might reach over 1.2 billion by 2023

Instagram growth

These massive figures show why the developers introduced the business profile account. Their primary intention is to allow firm owners to capitalize on increased business leads, sales, and revenues. Indeed, over 90% of the world’s top brands utilize this social platform to conduct and boost their business.

Therefore, Instagram is an excellent social platform for brands to connect with potential or existing customers. Besides, you are never late to sign up for an account and start conducting business with it.  

Can All Businesses Use Instagram to Share Images or Videos?

While most business owners use Instagram to market their brands, some businesses may not be the right fit to use it. This platform is very visual, unlike other social networks, which rely on text messages to communicate. Users also convey their content using quality and unique images or videos to interact within their networks.

Therefore, the platform is helpful for those brands providing services that include graphical or visually compelling products. For instance, if you want to advertise a luxury hotel vacation or beauty products, consider using Instagram. 

However, businesses that offer services mainly relying on textual information such as accounting or auditing find it challenging to relate with this platform. Instead, they can still focus on other social media networks such as LinkedIn, which has many people purposed for business connections.

Is Your Customer Market Targeted on Instagram?

Statistics show that 68% of most Instagram users are females, with a significant percentage distribution aged between 18 and 29 years. One of the primary reasons is ladies are more photogenic and love more visual attention and compliments than men.

Such figures indicate that brands specializing in visual products to target younger females can enjoy using Instagram for business. However, companies that focus on male services, such as accounting firms, should utilize other platforms for marketing.

Overall, before deciding whether Instagram is the best marketing solution for your business, understand the demographics and the services you offer clients. Moreover, it is crucial to recognize your target customers to evaluate whether marketing on Instagram can work in your industry.

Are Your Competitors on Instagram?

To improve your business with Instagram, you need to know and analyze what your competitors are doing to achieve success.

Are Your Competitors on Instagram?

Analyzing your competitors’ profiles can help you determine the type of visual content that works best for a target audience. You can also customize an excellent profile that outranks your competitors’ marketing strategies once you search and realize what they use to their advantage.

Studying businesses on Instagram similar to your brand will perfect your Instagram marketing methods and outrank your competitors. 

Besides, helpful tips to dominate your competitors involve: 

  • creating visually compelling content
  • posting continuously
  • implementing careful strategy.

Additionally, consider using valuable tools for social media to perform competitive analysis with Instagram to take advantage of your competitors.

Are You Willing To Grow Your Business Without Achieving Results Initially?

When you want to develop your business on Instagram, consider having adequate time, patience, and attention using it. Results won’t appear overnight, but following some strategies will benefit you. Below are a few tips on how to grow your business on Instagram. 

  • Register a new personal account if you had not initially done so, then upgrade it into a business account. 
  • Understand and define your target audience by performing competitor research.
  • Create your business goals and objectives and identify how to use Instagram to achieve them. 
  • Develop a well-organized content calendar that allows you to plan the best time to build and post content for productivity.
  • Customize and optimize your Instagram profile for your business purposes.
  • Create high-quality and convincing content to showcase Instagram’s visual identity to your customers while ensuring to post consistently. You can also invest in quality editing tools to create compelling content.
  • Track your business results, performance, and metrics using analytic tools.
  • With time, your audience will start increasing. So, ensure you engage followers by responding to their comments and using the right hashtags to enhance interactions.
  • Finally, promote your Instagram business account on other social media outlets.


Instagram is an excellent social media platform to incorporate into your business marketing strategies for successful conversions. It is a highly visual platform. Therefore, you need helpful tips on capturing compelling images and videos to reach your target audience. 

Many businesses capitalize on this platform and enjoy client outreach converting into growth and increased revenues. When you understand your target market, how to outrank your competitors, and taking time to develop Instagram into your business, you will eventually produce remarkable results. 

Overall, businesses are using this platform to get more sales and increase their online visibility, considering the massive number of people using it. So, ensure you take advantage of it and see how you will boost growth in your business. 










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