What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is currently the most prominent social networking website focusing on business professionals. It boasts over 700 million members and over 55 million companies from 200 countries. These massive figures show that creating a high profile on LinkedIn is a potential goldmine for business leads and employment opportunities.

Statistics show LinkedIn having over 24 million available jobs, meaning that about 95% of recruiters use it regularly to advertise for open positions. Many statistical data available online show LinkedIn is an excellent networking platform for advertising businesses and credentials both for job seekers and employers.

LinkedIn also increases exposure and opportunities to network and boosts your business’s online presence more than other social media platforms.

LinkedIn benefits both hiring managers, freelancers, businesses, and recruiters. You can create a highly polished profile to advertise your employer’s recommendation, professional expertise, social proof for your skills, significant brand connections, etc.

What to Put on my LinkedIn Profile

But to ensure your profile stands out and receives excellent impressions from recruiters and employers, you need to know what to put in your profile. Additionally, customizing your profile to ensure recruiters find you on search engines is a crucial factor to consider.

Simply putting superb credentials will not make you visible online. Therefore, this article focuses mainly on setting and customizing your LinkedIn profile to attract more views, get business leads, and receive increased InMail messages from prospects. 

If you already have a LinkedIn profile with little or no views or lacks random messages from prospects, then read on and see how you can customize or improve your profile.

The primary things to put on your LinkedIn profile include:

1. Your header

Many LinkedIn users never realize they can put additional information on the header section rather than maintaining its default blue color, as shown below. 

You can also update your profile header by customizing it the way you want. Use any photo editing tools to create an image header, which you can later upload to this header.

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

For instance, looking at the above header, you will realize how the LinkedIn user has customized it to showcase companies featuring his work. It is an excellent way of creating a visual impression about yourself to prospects or viewers without even getting into details.

Some additional details you can put include your contacts, website, email, or any helpful information that communicates to your viewers about your profile.

2. Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Since LinkedIn is a place for business exposure, your headshot should have an excellent-looking photo. LinkedIn is not like other social media platforms where you can put anything you want, such as a funny cartoon picture. 

Instead, putting a professionally looking profile photo shows your viewers about your personality and professional presence. For instance, add a sharp and visible photo showing yourself looking confident, friendly, and cheerful.  

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

Check the above image for an excellent customized header, including a unique profile picture.

Without a fantastic photo, viewers will probably ignore you or assume you are not a genuine person capitalizing on the LinkedIn platform.

3. Your tagline

Do you know you can use the LinkedIn tagline section to boost your profile online visibility? The tagline is essentially an SEO opportunity that you can capitalize to ensure recruiters find you from search engines. To create an impressive tagline, use only two lines in the field and put all the relevant keyword information about yourself to ensure prospects find you.

To make it visually impressive and readable by adding • (dot) or | (pipe) symbol. Doing so allows search engines to track you quickly using the specified keywords.

Never leave your tagline blank, just like your photo, if you don’t want prospects to ignore you. 

To increase your LinkedIn profile’s visibility from search engines, use the following tagline rules.

  • Use the word freelance if you are searching for jobs.
  • Use your business niche or geographical location or both, e.g., Boston freelance marketer
  • Put nouns instead of verbs, e.g., marketer instead of marketing

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

4. Your Contact Info

Willing prospects who appreciate your services will most likely want to contact you for additional information. You can add your website or blog content or email address on your contact rather than your phone number to avoid spam calls.

5. Your Summary

LinkedIn’s latest layout has a summary section with an invisible excerpt for the first two lines. Ensure you put valuable information there. 

An excellent summary identifies your ideal prospects, their significant challenges, problems, and why you are the best person to solve those challenges. Never put information about yourself here.

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

Check at the bottom two lines of this profile’s summary in the above picture.

6. Activity Area

The activity area is a section you can use to post a piece of your blog or website content with visually attractive graphics.

Putting a few graphics with some content posted on your summary can help make your profile more impressive and display your work to your prospects. 

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile
What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

7. Your Experience


What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

In this section, list your past clients’ experience to ensure they are visible on LinkedIn’s search engine. When you post timeframes, job responsibilities, and experiences from your previous clients, you increase the chances of a prospect desiring to work with you. Besides, every listing about your experience makes your profile rise to the top in a search engine. 

8. Your Groups

If you put appropriate groups related to your business when you joined, your profile rank on search will improve. Prospects searching for group members will most likely notice your profile near the top. 

However, ensure joining and focusing on your business groups to allow your LinkedIn profile to list them and provide visitors with a sense of your interests.

Groups are an excellent place to share your expertise, find extra valuable connections, publicize yourself and discover what your prospects want before approaching them. 

9. Recommendations

Recommendations improve your profile since potential clients will notice positive feedback from other people who appreciated your expertise and services. Ensure you request their testimonials and include them there. 

A nice trick is to put a testimonial screenshot from your website for those who disagree using the LinkedIn recommendation tool to feature your testimonial.

What Should I Put On My LinkedIn Profile

10. Your Connections

LinkedIn connections don’t work like other platforms such as Twitter, where you put people you don’t even know. With this platform, you only connect to known people so that you can exchange recommendations and referrals. 

For instance, if you are looking for a job and have valuable connections, you can send InMail to them to announce your work availability and let them refer you too. You will have a high chance of landing a superb job from reliable connections.

11. A Customized URL

Finally, ensure you customize your LinkedIn URL according to your skills or business. When you register, LinkedIn automatically assigns a link to your profile using numbers and letters which are not friendly to search engines. However, to increase the chances of online visibility, customize the URL link to something that matches your skills, as shown below.

Before: www.linkedin.com/in/alex-b747b986/

After: www.linkedin.com/in/seo-specialist-content-writer-marketer


LinkedIn is a unique platform to network with reliable connections and find long-term prospects. However, you need to know what to put on your profile and customize it to make clients find you easily.

Overall, once you fix up and put the correct details on your LinkedIn profile, prospects will start messaging you for years to come. Only ensure you update and tweak it occasionally according to the above information to see what works best.

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