Must-Have Technology Investments for Small Businesses

Must-Have Technology Investments for Small Businesses

When you run a small business, a limited budget often necessitates smart, thoughtful purchases. When it comes to technology, new tools and programs may seem too expensive — but in some cases, the initial investment can save money and provide peace of mind. The trick? Knowing which technologies are worth your resources. Here’s some advice from Flashlight Marketing to keep in mind.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accurate accounting and cash flow management are crucial for small businesses. With the right accounting technology, it’s easier to manage accounts and get paid on time. Invoicing software is a great place to start — it’s affordable and easy to use. Some features to look for are:

  • Multiple logins. Universal employee access allows real-time reporting.
  • Online payments. A fast, convenient option encourages clients to settle their balance immediately, reducing late payments and administrative overhead.
  • If you bill clients on a recurring basis, invoice scheduling can automate the process.
  • Programs with customisable alerts can let you know when employees log receipts or when clients open or pay invoices.


Data breaches present a serious risk to businesses of all sizes. Some ways to increase cybersecurity for your company are:

  • Use encrypted devices. Limit all work communication to encrypted smartphones, computers, and tablets.
  • Invest in a VPN. A VPN, or a virtual private network, is one way to encrypt your employees’ online activity.
  • Switch to two-factor authentication. This strategy requires employees to use a two-step process to log in to work-related accounts, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Use a quality antivirus program. These programs ward off viruses, detect malware, and deter malicious bots, so you can stay secure online.

If you use PDFs to transmit sensitive files to employees, vendors, or clients, consider securing them with a password before sending them. Password-protected PDFs are encrypted, so they’re harder to hack. For extra convenience, you can make changes using a PDF editor online — just upload the file, edit the document, and download the revised PDF for easy sharing.

Website Security

Chances are, your small business has a website. If it’s not secured, it could be an access point for hackers. To protect your company’s website, try these methods:

  • Set up a secure firewall. Hire a professional IT company to install a firewall that blocks malicious bot attacks.
  • Prevent unauthorised logins. Set up two-factor authentication, and limit the number of times someone can try to log in before they’re locked out.
  • Stay updated. Outdated plugins, themes, and software installs can create weaknesses in your website security. Eliminate this risk by running updates regularly and deleting inactive themes and plug-ins.


Small businesses can be surprisingly complex, especially when you work with remote employees or a large client base. Depending on your industry, software and even robotics companies may be needed to help. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution, you can hire a firm to develop one for you. Technologies that can boost efficiency are:

  • Workplace collaboration tools.

    Programs such as Asana and Microsoft Teams allow real-time communication and collaboration across your organisation.

  • Customer relationship management software. A CRM platform helps you track customers and prospects, manage the sales cycle, and monitor marketing campaigns.
  • Inventory management software. These programs help you stay organised, maintain adequate inventory levels, and reduce dead stock.

Technology Investments Can Streamline Your Business

Wherever your business is based in the world, the right technology investments can streamline and protect your operations. For all your digital marketing needs, invest in a relationship with Flashlight Marketing.